Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art and Deutsche Bank Foundation Italia present a new project: “La regola del talento” (“The code of talent”). With a new publication and a web site, the project provides an overview of the opportunities Italy has to offer to tomorrow’s young master craftsmen in terms of specialised training in the métiers d’art.

La regola del talento, published by Marsilio Editori, presents and describes 17 of the best Italian art crafts training institutions. Cesare De Michelis, president of the publishing company, explains: “The modern world has wiped out craftsmanship and its professions. To reclaim them does not mean to restore a world that has disappeared. It has a much broader meaning, that goes in the opposite direction: that of innovation, research, renewal of tradition in an era of discontinuity, without giving up the advantages of technology and mass production.”

The volume is unique in its kind: for the first time a publication on the métiers d’art is totally dedicated to the Italian Schools of excellence in the fields of art crafts and applied art, to promote training in Italy and underline its relevance. Though different in kind, the Schools have the same common denominators: high teaching standards, a clear perspective of the future, a specific heritage of competence. The Schools described in this overview are significant and representative examples of Italy’s broad and varied, though little known, educational patrimony, and is dedicated to the young people who wish to start a career in the crafts.

Illustrated by Laila Pozzo’s suggestive photographs taken inside the school workshops, the book is a tribute to all the educational institutions in Italy that train the artisans and master craftsmen of tomorrow, the first step in the discovery of Italy’s heritage of knowledge and skills.

The website will provide a more extensive, articulate and exhaustive overview of the many training schools in Italy. It is devised as a guide for the young people who want to learn more about the world of professional training, and the site’s rational organisation will enable an easy and rapid navigation. Users will be able to filter schools both by region and by craft.

The site also provides a permanent instrument of communication between schools and partners. It offers a direct link to the territory and the workshops, as well as to all new training and cultural initiatives. The site will keep growing in time, with up-dated contributions and news that will be fed into it.

This project (the first for Deutsche Bank Foundation Italia) was developed with the same passion and care that the métiers d’art elicit, and is designed to open new and stimulating perspectives that will invigorate the prestige of the art crafts of excellence, drawing visibility and interest through the privileged and fundamental channel of training and education.